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[00:00.00]With the changing nature of the workplace,concerns about the future have been expressed by many individuals,
[00:07.09]both those preparing to start a career and those having to adjust to job changes and job losses.
[00:15.16]Stable and secure positions have disappeared.
[00:18.76]The future of work itself is being debated.
[00:21.89]Organizations have reliquished the responsibility for employee's professional development.
[00:28.04]You have been put in charge of your own career .
[00:31.39]Managing it will be a life process.
[00:34.70]Discover your place in the world where you will be able to enjoy a high level of wellness.
[00:40.50]Choose work that will be compatible with your own unique skills,knowledge,personality,and interests.
[00:47.95]Define the balance that you would like to have with your work ,finances ,health,and relationships with family friends and colleagues.
[00:56.99]be proactive! Don't just react to whatever chance or luck brings your way.
[01:02.32]You success depends upon understanding the changing nature of jobs and careers .
[01:08.40]Be aware of trends,both local and global.
[01:11.82]Big companies are getting smaller they are downsizing and delayering,thereby reducing the number of promotions potentially available.
[01:20.64]Companies are giving off functions to their suppliers ,outsourcing ,or entering into joint ventures,
[01:27.73]opening up opportunities for entrepreneurs.
[01:31.22]With existing technology,many small businesses can compete in the international marketplace just as easily as multinational corporations do.
[01:41.34]It is anticipated that many emerging careers will generate fewer new positions than in the past.
[01:48.90]Fields experiencing major growth will demand job applicants with specific academic majors and work experience.
[01:57.43]Some academic programs will have limited options for employment .
[02:02.22]For those graduates, it may be necseeary to get additional preparation through special courses or a second degree.
[02:09.49]In addition to whatever academic background they specify,employers say they are looking for a person
[02:15.83]who is an independent decision-maker and selfmanaged learner,with a positive work attitude, a well-rounded education with math and computer litercy,
[02:25.55]communication skills including good use of words and grammar ,interpersonal and time management skills,flexibility ,and dependability.
[02:35.70]Employers seem to be more interested in what you have done with your talents than on what talents you possess.
[02:42.79]Your resume then  is a testimony to "I have accomplished..." rather than "I am... "
[02:46.12]因此,你的简历应该证明“我干过......”而不是“我是 ......。”
[02:49.45]Whether you are self-employed or an employee ,acting in a more enterprising way will give you a competitive edge.
[02:57.23]To get fewer rejections and better results ,enter the job market with market-able skills
[03:03.60]Follow a "customer-driven" approach.
[03:06.44]You will need to make sales presentations about yourself to potential buyers, possibly from all over the world.
[03:13.57]It's hard to sell a product or service if you are not confident in it and cannot see the value to the purchaser.
[03:20.92]Therefore ,believe in yourself and show the benefits you offer.
[03:25.52]Polish your presentations and deliver them enthusiastically to the right market.
[03:31.03]One caution.weigh the need for the employer to contact you with your need for safety and privacy when you go public with your credentials,
[03:39.56]particularly when using the Internet.
[03:42.73]Carefully select the type of workplace to fit your needs .
[03:46.51]Some work environments provide great financial rewards but require long hours and produce high stress levels.
[03:54.11]Some organizations encourage emloyees to be creative and take risks on one hand but then show displeasure when staff question existing procedures.
[04:05.12]Some workplaces create conditions that permit the body ,mind and spirit to thrive allowing employees to perform better.
[04:13.62]Attitude is how you respond to situations in your life.
[04:17.69]Keep a sense of humor .
[04:19.67]Don't worry about the future!Prepare!
[04:22.69]Visualize satisfying work,and expend your energy on locating customers who have needs you can fulfill.
[04:32.41]Develop goals and strategies to make your dreams come true.
[04:36.48]The Career Development Mamual has been prepared to guide you through the necessary steps,
[04:42.13]whether you are looking for your 1st job or your 21st.Begin now with Step1,self-assessment.
[04:50.02]Ten steps to planning your career.
[04:52.57]1.Develop a career plan, Think about what you want to do and find out more about the kind of training education,and skills you will need to achieve your career goal.
[05:03.23]2.Assess your skills and interests,
[05:06.36]Think hard about what you enjoy,what you are good at ,what kind of personality you are ,and the values you hold.
[05:16.62]3.Research occupations,Find out more about the nature of the jobs that interest you,
[05:23.17]such as educational requirements,salary, working conditions, future outlook ,and anything else that can help you narrow your focus.
[05:33.18]4.Compare your skills and interests with the occupations you've selected.
[05:38.44]The career that matches your skills, interests ,and personality the closest may be the career for you.
[05:45.71]Choose your career goal.
[05:47.80]Once you've decided what occupation matches up best with you, then you can begin developing a plan to reach your career goal.
[05:56.80]6. Select a school that offers a college degree or training program that best meets your career goal and financial needs.
[06:06.73]7.Find out about financial aid to help support you in obtaining your career goal.
[06:12.82]8.Learn about job hunting tips as you prepare to graduate or move into the job market.
[06:19.33]9.Prepare your resume ,and pracice job interviewing techniques.
[06:24.84]10.Go to your career guidance center(at your middle school, high school, or college)or local library for additional information and help on career planning.
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